The legal industry revolves around a multitude of important documents. The success of the legal process is dependent upon the flawless generation and distribution of confidential documents. Whether it’s protecting sensitive client information, adhering to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), or converting mountains of hardcopy documents into digital versions – KYOCERA has figured out how to simplify your legal workflow challenges with powerful MFPs and business applications

Law Firm That Relies Heavily on Scanned Documents Says Goodbye to Multi-Step Process

Without files, the legal industry could not function. The success of the litigation process depends on the generation and distribution of information that can be extremely time consuming. With many court systems only accepting documents in electronic format the need for efficient digital imaging and document management is growing. KYOCERA managed document services provide reliable, secure managed print services that are time and cost efficient.


A law firm that relies heavily on scanned documents was wasting time and money on a laborious, multi-step process.


TASKalfa MFPs with DMS Link, a KYOCERA app that connects MFPs to an existing document management system. The Dealer streamlined the workflow, eliminating the need to reenter file names for every scan.


At one busy law firm, a great deal of time and manpower was spent scanning paperwork that was crucial to their cases. Every time a sheet was scanned – even when scanned in batches – the user had to enter the name of the document, assign it to a case number, and choose where to store it.

In seeking bids to streamline the process, one vendor suggested a solution that included extra “bells and whistles” the client didn’t want and couldn’t afford. The KYOCERA Dealer, however, provided a solution that exactly fit the client’s need and their budget.

The firm upgraded its system to nine KYOCERA 4500i monochrome MFPs with DMS Link 4.0. It also included optical character recognition (OCR), to automatically convert scanned documents into editable text. Batches of paperwork are now quickly scanned, easily searchable and immediately available. The system has proven itself to be a time – and money – saver.